With ZoomTether and a Zoom mobile broadband router, your Android phone links your computers, tablets, handhelds and other Wi-Fi devices to the Internet

ZoomTether is now available FREE to Zoom mobile Broadband Router owners.

ZoomTether lets your Android smartphone plug into a Zoom Model 4501, 4504, 4506AG, or 4506BG wireless-N router to deliver the Internet to all your tablets, laptops, iPods, e-readers, and other Wi-Fi devices even if they are far away from your smartphone. ZoomTether works with most Android smartphones. Zoom Models 4501, 4504, 4506AG, and 4506BG also support tethering with iPhones.

ZoomTether works with Verizon, AT&T, and other service providers.

For some service providers you can use ZoomTether without a tethering charge. For discussion of this issue for the USA, please see Use of ZoomTether with USA Service Providers.

ZoomTether is a convenient way to link all your Wi-Fi devices to the Internet.

Use it when you’re traveling or at home, and enjoy a range of up to 330 yards. Zoom Models 4506AG and 4506BG have a rechargeable battery, so you can even use it when there’s not an AC power outlet available. Zoom Models 4501 and 4504 are lower-cost models that are ideal for indoor use.

Eliminate the expense of Cable or ADSL

ZoomTether may be all you need to eliminate the expense of cable or ADSL Internet service for your home. This is especially true because ZoomTether lets you make and receive voice calls while you’re using the same Android phone for Internet access.

ZoomTether has many advantages over a smartphone ”Hotspot,” a phone with built-in Wi-Fi that is shared by devices very near to the smartphone.

Some service providers require an expensive service plan if you’re using your smartphone as a Hotspot, and ZoomTether reduces that cost for some service providers. Most smartphone hotspots cover a very limited range, whereas the ZoomTether approach even covers very large homes and outdoor spaces. Most hotspots only support 4 or 5 simultaneous devices, whereas the ZoomTether approach supports 253. When you use a smartphone as a hotspot, use of the phone’s Wi-Fi rapidly depletes the phone’s battery; whereas a Zoom router with ZoomTether will either charge your smartphone’s battery or discharge it slowly, depending on whether the smartphone uses less or more than 500 milliamps with the smartphone’s Wi-Fi off.

A Zoom mobile broadband router and ZoomTether give smartphone users tremendous flexibility.

There is normally no need for multiple mobile data contracts, or for paying extra for a modem embedded in a tablet or e-reader. A smartphone, a single data plan, and a Zoom 3G/4G router deliver the Internet to multiple devices where and when needed.

Instructions for setting up and using ZoomTether are available here.
A list of USB modems and smartphones compatible with the Models 4501, 4504, 4506AG, and 4506BG are available here.

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